S-80 Plus


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Minimum Risk

minimum change needed for P75(I) to existing S-80 Plus submarine design.

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Full Commitment to Make-in-India Policy

to guarantee sovereignty in national defense.

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Transfer of know-how and know-why

to ensure a real capability is acquired by Indian partners.

S-80 Flight Submarine, Features Under Study

The New Generation of non nuclear attack submarines

  • Anti-Surface Warfare
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare
  • Long-Range Conventional Submarine
  • State-of-the-art Air Independent Propulsion
  • Extremely low Acoustic Signature
  • Reduced Crew
  • Special Operations Forces

The Most Advanced Conventional Submarine Worldwide

Main features

  • Powerful attack capabilities: heavy weight torpedoes and submarine launched cruise missiles.
  • Low-maintenance bio-ethanol based AIP solution.
  • Unique: the only 3.000 t AIP submarine under construction worldwide.
  • Stealth and very low signatures.
  • Incorporating additional features increasing the existing capabilities, such as Lithium Ion Batteries.

P75(I) Navantia Online Industry Day

  • Over 200 participants Over 100 companies from India.
  • Full agenda covering:
    • S-80 Plus presentation
    • P75(I) Program presentation and Indigenization policy
    • Q&A
  • Since then, Navantia has generated Purchase Technical Specification (PTSs) and submitted  Requests for Information (RFIs), more than 90% to Indian Companies, covering about 80% of the submarine equipment and materials to this date (July 20).
  • The objective is reaching 500 PTSs and 1.500 RFIs before October 2020, for a total cost of near 100% of the submarine equipment and materials.

Submarine Experience

We’ve Been Building Submarines For 90 Years

Navantia has been immersed, for more than 90 years, in a process of evolution and improvement of the design, production and life cycle of submarines. During this period, different kinds of submersibles have been built in their shipyards, integrating the most complex systems with the collaboration of national and international partners.

About Us

Your Partner at Sea

The history of Navantia dates back to 1717, when Quartermaster General José Patiño ordered the construction of the first modern shipyard in our country.

The shipyard has evolved continuously and Navantia has recently begun the Shipyard 4.0 process, with the fundamental aim of introducing new digital technologies and improving its business efficiency.


To be a sustainable, strategic and international company in the naval industry.


To develop competitive naval programs and serve National Security.


  • Commitment to results
  • Technological leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Customer focus
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Responsibility

years of history (from 1717 to 2020)

years of submarine building (from 1921 to 2020)